becky - pregnancy

Rebecca Nicholas talks about a pregnancy and chiropractic seminar she visited with a chiropractic friend.


Pregnancy and Chiropractic


Having been recently to a fascinating seminar about Chiropractic and pregnancy, with Doctor of Chiropractic Jeanne Ohm

I was reminded about the close anatomy of the pelvis and uterine ligaments. The utero-sacral ligaments extend from the cervix to the sacrum. This tends to hold the cervix in the normal relationship to the sacrum.

Thus we can presume that when the sacrum twists/torques this pulls unequally on the utero-sacral ligaments. The hypothesis goes that if the sacrum twists backwards it may result in tightening and torsion of these ligaments. This may contribute to aberrant tension in the uterus. This is a cause of intra-uterine constraint of the baby, and may affect optimal fetal positioning.

Check out our next blog to find a suitable manual technique that can help the sacrum and pelvis function optimally during pregnancy