One of our chiropractors at Back 2 Balance chiropractic clinic, Meriel Davis, is now trained in orthotic fitting. She uses ICB orthotics which can be heat moulded to the individual’s foot. The orthotics are dual density constructed from firm and medium EVA. A firm density EVA in the heel cup and arch provides increased stabilisation of the foot and pronation control, whilst a mid density EVA offers increased comfort in the mid and forefoot region.

Why, you may well ask, do we chiropractors, have anything to do with shoe insert and feet??!! How do orthotics and chiropractic go together? Regularly, the residents of brighton and hove ask us if their knee, hip and back pain is coming from their feet, and our answer is it definitely can be. The way you land and weight distribute over your foot can directly twist and torque your knee and hip. We often recommended our clients go to a podiatrist to get a custom orthotic fitted, but we have decided to do it ourselves and charge you a fraction of the normal cost.

Meriel regularly prescribes orthotics and is a user herself! It helps support the foot mechanics and aids better foot, ankle, shin and thigh alignment. This therefore helping to alleviate untoward stress on the spine. The ICB orthotics are by far superior to many other orthotics available, especially off the shelf ones.

Orthotics can be effective for easing the symptoms of
Achilles pain,
Knee pain,
hip and low back pain,
Osgood Schlatters,
Plantar Fasciitis,
Shin splints
And a number of other conditions.

If you would like an appointment for ICB orthotics please organise with reception. Please state what shoe size you are so we have the required sizes in stock before your appointment.

The orthotic service is £70. And will last 30-45 minutes.
This will include:
Lower limb and spinal assessment
Orthotic fitting