Activator Methods Chiropractic Technique
written by Rebecca Nicholas, head chiropractor at their Brighton and Hove clinic.

Often we chiropractors get asked about techniques that don’t make a ‘cracking’ noise or any kind of forceful strong thrusts. The Activator is an instruement that would be perfect for those types of people. Read below how and why it works. The other common question our clients ask us is whether they can still be worked on if they have osteoporosis. The answer to this is most definately yes, but with a modified type of treatment. Many people assume chiropractors are all very heavy handed, treatment hurts, and you hear a ‘cracking’ noise every time. This cannot be further from the truth- most new clients get up from the couch saying “i thought that was going to be worse than it was” in a relieved tone!

There are many different techniques used by chiropractors to adjust the joints and relax the muscles. Not all of them have to the ‘typical’ method. Here at Back 2 Balance, we often use the Activator on individuals who prefer no noises, whom have had adverse reactions to the manipulation in the past, or whom need a gentler approach ie the elderly or osteoporotic patient. A person with Osteoporosis (depending on severity) needs a low force type of adjustment and the Activator is perfect for that. Combined with a specialised couch that reduces the impact of your body (drop mechanism), osteoporotic clients need not fear a chiropractor at Back 2 Balance 🙂 In fact, there are many health tips we can give to a client who has osteoporosis eg nutirtion and exercise advise.

What is the Activator Method Chiropractic Technique?
The Activator Method Chiropractic Technique is a gentle, low-force approach to chiropractic care. The technique has been used since the late 1960s, and was developed by Arlan Fuhr, a chiropractor. Because of its effectiveness and gentle nature, the Activator Method has grown to become the world’s most widely-used instrument chiropractic technique.
The technique utilises specific protocols to detect spinal joint dysfunction, analyze leg length inequality, identify issues with body mechanics, and test neurological reflexes. These are done by asking the patient to move different parts of their body around to specifically challenge/test that area. If there is a problem the patient will show a leg length change.

What is the Activator?
The Activator Adjusting Instrument is the tool used to deliver low-force chiropractic adjustments. This unique hand-held instrument has been studied extensively with results published in hundreds of peer-reviewed research papers, and was designed to give patients a specific and gentle adjustment by way of a controlled fast thrust.

Older patients, or those with arthritis, osteoporosis or other bone-weakening conditions find the Activator Method to be effective and gentle. The low-force thrust of the Activator Adjusting Instrument, and the doctor’s ability to pin point the exact location of the problem through Activator analysis, can help relieve a patient’s pain without discomfort.

If you want to read more, click here. This also contains a lot of the research that has been done on the Activator.
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Now its your turn, have you had an Activator treatment? Did you prefer it to the ‘typical’ type of manual manipulation? or do you prefer a “good old crack”?