What do Chiropractors think of Juicing

Juicing- the in thing!

written by Chiropractor, Rebecca Shield-our new addition to the chiropractic team here in Hove.

As with every new spring and summer it appears that there is a ‘new’ and ‘in’ diet. The atkins diet, the cabbage soup diet and now the juice diet all promise you that lean and toned buff bod that you can’t wait to flash in swim wear once the good weather arrives.

And now that the good weather has arrived and all we can think about those are extra few pounds still one question remains. How many of us really think about how much damage these fad diets can do to our bodies? Most of us can see the danger in an extreme low calorie diet or restricting ourselves to only one food group. However, recently juicing diets and 1,3,5,7 day juice only detoxs appear to be on the up. I have, as I am sure you have too, taken a double glance at juicing. This is how my thought process about juicing, and Im sure yours is something similar:

Vegetables and fruit, core theyre healthy. Juicing must be healthy

On the other hand…JUST juice, and NO food..how healthy is that really?

Or is it healthy and I just don’t want to do it? …Hmmm…Still…no food….Hmmm, not too sure about that one.

As a daily juicer I know that I definately, 100% can and DO recommend juicing. So before I jump in and tell us all that we should juice more and that a short term juicing diet is probably good for us,  let me inform you of what juicing really is.

  • The juicing machine takes the juice from the fruit or veg
  • Therefore some vitamins from the skin are left behind
  • Also left behind is the pulp – that gives us our much needed fibre
  • The extract – of fruit in particular is sugar and even this healthy type of sugar rush should be kept to a minimum
  • As well as sugar, there can be a lot of calories in juices- if you think 1 piece of fruit is about 60 calories. Therefore if you have 3-4 pieces of fruit in 1 juice x 5/ day on a ‘juice only’day this is LOTS of SUGAR and LOTS of CALORIES

The bonuses however can be unreal. If you’re not particularly fond of certain veggies juicing can be a great way to incorporate the recommended 6-8 into you diet and get the vitamins and minerals they can offer you. Remember: colour is key! Mix up fruit and veggie colours to get a good spread of vitamins and minerals.

However, juicing is NOT a meal replacement. Juicing diets for weight loss or detoxification has become a popular topic of conversation in recent years. Your body detoxifies itself through your liver and kidneys anyway so a juice only diet isn’t needed to help your body detoxify itself. The feeling of detoxification is actually in the removal of fast and processed foods from your diet.

There has been suggestions that the lack of protein in these detoxifcation juices causes a reduction in muscle mass, and therefore weight loss is comes from muscle reduction and water reduction. This means that the changes that occur in a 3 day, 5 day, 7 day detox are less than likely to be permanent. Adding a raw egg, or high protein supplement may be an excellent way to help you feel fully for longer without the fibre that you left behind, as well as given your body a good protein source.

Add a juice or 2 a day to your diet. You are what you eat, (and drink) and juicing is an excellent way to provide your body with some excellent nutrients. However, personally, I’m still not sold on a 7 day juice fast. Be consistent with you body and health and make those little changes every day to treat your body better.

Juicing – get on it today!