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Colic is thought to affect 30% of babies (to some degree) or more. For those that haven’t been through this distressing experience, it involves continuous crying and apparent stomach pain, often most evenings. Incredibly the cause is still unclear.


It can start soon after birth, although it rarely develops if it hasn’t started within the first month.  Alongside crying, symptoms include:

  • Arched back or knees curled up over tummy
  • Bloated and/or gurgling tummy
  • Flatulence
  • Explosive stools

Good News…Colic has no lasting effects and generally the child continues to develop as normal. It also seems to disappear naturally by about 3 months.


Homeopathy & Colic:

A Homeopath is likely to treat the baby constitutionally, but also prescribe acute for the apparent stomach symptoms. It is recommended that parents also seek homeopathic help for the emotional burden and exhaustion associated with having a colicky baby.  Here are some remedies you can try at home:

Colic Symptoms



  • Inconsolable, angry babies that may lash out in pain.  Parents feel useless, unable to anything to help


  • Tearful babies that are pacified by lots of attention, being held and soothed.


  • Cross and restless baby. May be allergic to mother’s milk.  Slow to put on weight.

Calc Phos

  • Apparent tummy cramps cause them to pull knees up to abdomen. Pressure helps e.g. massaging or lying on stomach


  • Tummy pain or cramps cause baby to arch backwards


  • Stomach pain is eased by warmth (e.g. hot water bottle) and/or gentle massage

Mag Phos


I can also recommend:

  • Breastfeeding mothers eliminate foods such as dairy, wheat, cabbage, broccoli and spices and observe baby’s reactions.
  • Bottle fed babies could try different types of milk  – soya, goats, sheep (giving baby enough time for to adjust).
  • Wind carefully after feeding – trapped wind can cause added discomfort.
  • Bach Flower Essence Rescue Remedy will calm a distressed baby, and mother!
  • Cranial treatment by a qualified chiropractor or osteopath (like Rebecca Nicholas at Back 2 Balance) may help correct any cranial distortions that might be affecting a baby, particularly if delivered by ventouse or forceps.


zoe photoZoë studied Homeopathy for 4 years at South Downs School of Homeopathy in 2006. She now works from her clinic in Hove – supporting families naturally (pregnancy, child birth and specialising in mothers, babies and children).  She is a mother of two herself and has used homeopathy and natural medicine to support her own pregnancies, childbirths and family’s ailments. She now runs regular courses to help other parents do the same.