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Pregnancy Yoga, written by CJ from Bikram Yoga Brighton, the hottest yoga in the south.


Yoga during pregnancy is a great stress reliever, it also helps to relax the body and strengthen muscles in all areas of the body. In the second and third trimester your bump is growing at a phenomenal rate; your weight will increase and often your feet start to swell and backache can be a problem. Yoga will help you with all these issues by increasing blood flow to your extremities, massaging and stretching your muscles which will, in turn, improve fatigue and strengthen your body ready for childbirth.


The Half Fish Pose is an ideal posture for backache. As you go into the posture you are using your upper body strength and compressing your back, especially your lower spine, while stretching the front of your spine. This often stimulates baby movement and releases tension in the neck and shoulders. The front of your lower spine is lengthening, allowing your pelvic floor to contract; it is important that your pelvic floor is worked as it is a powerful muscle that has a lot of work to do in the birthing process.
Practicing Yoga also helps with your breathing and teaches breath control and thus relaxation. The skill of breath control for relaxation will be crucial during childbirth as breathing techniques can be important for both relaxation and pain control.

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Bikram Yoga Brighton has a pregnancy class every Saturday at 3.30pm. This is Rajashree Choudhury’s pregnancy series. Take a look at this video for a view of some of the postures.


We are offering £34 for 30 days for your first visit to Bikram Yoga Brighton. Please check our website or call us on 01273-420279 for more details.