Natural remedies for Dehydration

With the hot weather arriving in Britain and also for those of us travelling to hotter climates abroad, it is vital to keep well hydrated by drinking plenty of water, wearing a hat and staying in the shade at peak heat times (between 12 noon and 3pm). However, what can be done if you do find yourself or your children suffering from dehydration this summer?

Lying in the sun too long, over-exertion in hot conditions, loss of fluid from your system through sweating and drinking excess alcohol in the hot weather can all lead to heat exhaustion and dehydration. In circumstances like this, these are my top homeopathic remedies:

China 30C – there is a feeling of being drained after being in the sun, weakness and debility, sensitive irritability and it’s hard to think straight or concentrate.

Gelsemium 30C – the patient becomes drowsy, droopy, lightheaded. They may almost appear drunk! (even if they have not been drinking alcohol). Again, they may find it hard to think properly. Their face may be flushed but not red, more dusky coloured with a weak pulse. Ask about their body temperature and they are likely to say they feel chills running up and down their back from time to time.

Pulsatilla 30C – the patient may be finding it hard to breathe enough air in the heat; they will feel light-headed and feel sorry for themselves. They may even be a bit tearful. They will want to be helped and looked after.

Natrum Carb 30C – if the patient has a headache in hot or sunny weather but there is no fever or temperature. They may also have puffiness around their eyes.

Bryonia 30C – the patient feels really dehydrated, wants to drink lots of water, is very, very thirsty. They have a headache and may have aches in other areas of the body and any movement or motion makes the pain worse. They may also be very irritable and want to be left alone. They won’t look red or radiate heat though; if they do then they are more likely to need Belladonna.

Belladonna 30C – this is the first remedy to have to hand if you suspect sunstroke. The patient will be radiating heat from their upper body, the face will be red, they may have a headache (which they may describe as throbbing) and a glassy-eyed look. They may be irritable and want to be left alone in a dark room. If their temperature is as high as 102 or 103 F then use the higher potency – Belladonna 200C. If the temperature is 104 or above, they have rapid breathing and/or appear delirious, do not hesitate to take the patient straight to hospital. Sunstroke can be potentially dangerous. Give Belladonna 200C on your way to the hospital.

Glonoin 30C – This is for severe, bursting, throbbing headache from the heat or sun. The patient may describe an internal sensation of blood rushing to their head. They will feel worse for any movement, motion or jarring. They may clench their jaws in order to keep head still. They will feel reassured if you offer help though.

Review the list above and select the most similar remedy to you or your patient’s symptoms. Give the remedy and repeat at intervals of 30 mins to 1 hour up to 6 doses. Stop the remedy when the symptoms subside. If there is no reaction after 6 doses; try the next most similar remedy.

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