Starting back at school can be a daunting time for children, whether they are starting a new school or just progressing to the next year. Apprehensive nerves are extremely common but knowing how best to help your child through this, can feel challenging.

In situations like this I am always grateful for my remedies! Love and reassurance goes a long way but there are a few homeopathic remedies that compliment this beautifully:

Aconite – can be an enormous support when a child is literally terrified at the thought of school. On the big day they may be in a state of total panic and I would be giving aconite regularly to help calm them.

Argentum Nitricum – is a great for apprehensive nerves. The child may be worrying for some time before the event. Their tummies will often be affected by worrying and they may even get diarrhea, particularly first thing in the morning.

Arsenicum Album – can sooth a child prone to anxiety. The child can be needy of attention and reassurance from others (often mum). They can also appear extremely restless when anxious and are not able to be still.

Calcarea Carbonicum – can help children that can feel overwhelmed. This type of child is slow, methodical and steady and dislikes change and new beginnings. They much prefer routine and the familiarity of the home.

Gelsemium – a child that will find this remedy useful will literally shake like a leaf when anxious e.g. standing at the school gates. They may also feel heavy and weak.

Pulsatilla – is a very common remedy prescribed in this situation. The child is really worried about being left at school. They will likely be clinging to the parents and sobbing pitifully. They are sensitive in general and very prone to separation anxiety.

There is one more remedy that I must mention – Bach’s Rescue Remedy. This is a flower essence and is wonderful for calming and reassuring. You can pop a few drops into your child’s water bottle and they can sip it anytime they feel wobbly. It is worth sharing that a recent study at the University of Miami, School of Nursing found Rescue Remedy to be as effective at relieving stress as traditional pharmaceutical drugs, and of course it has no adverse side effects!

Along with the magic of the small sugar pills (which of course the children love), giving a child a remedy is such a nurturing act, they feel they are being taken care of, and as a parent you feel you are able to do something to help.

There are of course many other remedies, so if you don’t have success yourself please do get in touch, homeopathy has been so wonderful in so many ways for my family.

zoe photoZoë studied Homeopathy for 4 years at South Downs School of Homeopathy in 2006. She now works from her clinic in Hove – supporting families naturally (pregnancy, child birth and specialising in mothers, babies and children).  She is a mother of two herself and has used homeopathy and natural medicine to support her own pregnancies, childbirths and family’s ailments. She now runs regular courses to help other parents do the same.

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