Mel Davis, Chiropractor at Back 2 Balance, in Hove, writes how she coped with experiencing neck pain first hand and what she did to drive healing rate forwards.

I conducted my own little research project the other week. I wanted to know what it felt like to sprain my neck!!!….Not really but none the less it happened anyway and now that’s it’s all better I can actually say It was a good experience for me to have.


Now as a sporty person I’ve had my fair share of injuries but I was yet to sprain my neck. It was completely my fault. I was down in Devon with some friends for a weekend. Naturally I had a few drinks on the Saturday night and as I like surfing/paddle boarding I found myself in the sea with my surfboard by 6.30 the next morning (this was to catch the best waves in accordance with the tides). It was late October, it was pretty chilly and I hadn’t slept well. Nonetheless I saw a sizable wave approaching and took it. Unfortunately I didn’t catch it well so I wiped out (like being in a washing machine) and when I re-surfaced my neck hurt…but only a little. I continued paddling/surfing for another hour however once I was out of the sea and dry and continuing with my day I noticed my neck getting tighter…and tighter…and more sore! Then I had to drive the 5 hour journey back!


Once back in Brighton the next few days were pretty tough…working as a Chiropractor treating people with neck problems when I couldn’t move my own neck was tough to say the least. However one of the perks of the job was that I knew exactly what to do. I had 3 treatments that week, one with the lovely massage therapist Nicola…the other two with Chiropractic colleagues Becky and Candice. This involved Chiropractic adjustments in specific areas, stretches, soft tissue massagereleases and acupuncture. I also made sure I had plenty of hot baths as well as periods of putting ice around my neck.
Throughout the rest of the week I gradually got better and better and by the following Sunday I was fine. Did I take any painkillers?….No. Would this have happened had I not been out the night before, had a great night sleep, wasn’t so cold, and didn’t try a bigger wave? Probably not, but the way I see it…it’s better getting injuries doing something rather than injuries from NOT doing anything.

Why was this a good experience? Well when I treat people with neck sprains and other neck issues I now know from personal experience what it feels like which is a great thing. Also I know how quickly it can get better if a problem is seen quickly and the right treatment techniques are utilized.

The big thing I did notice however is how easy it is to reach for the sugary foods and choose immediate gratification when you’re down. Obviously I had a week off of exercise/tennis etc and so instead I was eating alot of cake (I give you permission to slap me on the wrist).

So next time I hurt myself doing something I must STEP AWAY FROM THE CAKE!!!!! 🙂

Have you ever hurt your neck? What did you find helped you? Don’t be shy….. you may help someone else with your tips.