IMG_0567Rebecca Nicholas, clinic director and principle Chiropractor, at Back 2 Balance, Hove, gives her tops tips for surviving Christmas in a 12 day countdown.

So, I’m hoping I’m not about to offend anyone here, but the Christmas period has, I am led to believe, started! Cue the jingle bells soundtrack, and all those other tunes you’d rather have not heard in October! Therefore it should be ok for me to be talking about Christmas and it not be premature! As i write this blog, I have already had the ‘pleasure’ of clients consulting with me after tripping over christmas trees; getting stuck in one position writing christmas cards; and low back pain after doing some christmas shopping, so I do hope these tips don’t arrive too late for you all to appreciate and apply.

Each day I’ll give you a small short tip about the most common ‘disasters’ that my wonderful, funny clients have told me about over the years! I want to give you all ways that you can try to help reduce the chance that Christmas stress, in all its glory, does not affect you detrimentally. Some of the topic we will cover are Christmas tree handling, writing card ergonomics, and tips to help the general Christmas indulgences that snare most of us at some point each year.