Tailor made dietary plan package for £599 £499 from our resident nutritionalist
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Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to have a tailor made dietary plan that you can follow every day without actually feeling as though you are ‘on a diet’?

Nutrition and exercise go hand in hand and with our full 6 week course, we will guarantee weight loss, an increase in energy levels and definitive steps towards your desired body shape. With our customised nutrition and exercise plan you will achieve the body you have always dreamed of, and, empower you to keep it. Jayne (nutritionalist) and Jo-Ann (personal trainer) will help you in 6 weeks to get the results you want.

Loads more energy.
No more fad diets.
No more starving and bingeing.
No more low-calorie or low-fat diets.
No more calorie counting.
A new you!

photo-8Jayne is a qualified nutritionist who studied at the renowned College Of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM). She will personally guide you through this simple plan:

  • The initial one to one consultation lasts around 60-90 minutes and will focus on your main health concerns. Taking a full case history, Jayne will assess your diet and see how it is contributing to any symptoms or difficulties that you may be experiencing.
  • A full-personalised action plan and dietary programme will be catered for you and will include a range of fact sheets and recipe ideas designed to help you implement the initial programme. Jayne concentrates on all your body systems and makes sure that they are working at their optimum efficiency.

She will look at what you are drinking, eating, your lifestyle and in particular how to deal with stress factors. You will be able to lose the weight healthily, keeping it off and getting the figure you have always wanted.

  • Measurements and weight will be taken initially and every week to mark your progress by Jayne and Jo-Ann.
  • You will receive a full 6 week healthy eating plan with meals that will be exciting, nourishing and filling. There will be regular chats to discuss your progress and to help encourage you.
  • Half way through the course, at your choice, you can either:

Choose a follow up discussion where we can discuss, face to face, any concerns you may have with your exercise and healthy eating regime.

Opt for NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) therapy, to give you positive reaffirmations and changing any negative feelings that you may have.

  • Cupboard Clear-Out. You and Jayne will go through your cupboard and fridge to see what little gems you may have hidden that would make a nutritional meal, and those which should be discarded.
  • A final 60 minute follow up consultation at week 6 will set you up for a lifetime of healthy living and staying in shape.

Jo-Ann is a fully qualified advanced personal trainer, with a guaranteed track record for delivering her client’s goals. Every session is individually tailored to you, and her extensive knowledge of up-to-date training techniques and systems gives her the scope to achieve and sustain your goals. Whether you want to lose weight, tone up or improve your general fitness and muscular strength, Jo-Ann will guide you all the way.

image6 week exercise plan includes:

  • 30 minute consultation
  • 12 personal training sessions of 1 hour, 2 per week
  • A Qualified trainer with a proven track record
  • Fun tailor made workouts
  • A weekly health check
  • Body composition analysis
  • Motivation and commitment from Jo
  • Latest exercise techniques
  • Health and Fitness Advice

Jo’s workouts and programmes are fun, varied and, most importantly, challenging. They will take you to new levels of fitness, helping you to reach your goals and beyond.

Where will you train?

Jo is a freelance personal trainer, therefore you can train in the privacy of your own home, parks around your area or her private PT studio. She has all her own equipment, this includes TRX suspension systems, kettle bells, ViPR and strength equipment.



If so, you can have this amazing package for just £599 £499 – reduced for January only

We guarantee you will see results!

We look forward to hearing from from you if you have any questions about any of the items listed above please get in touch;

Jayne Hopper – Tel – 01273 300203 or email enquiries@reachfornutrition.co.uk

Jo Dines personal training – Tel – 01273 769494 or email joanndines@gmail.com or visit www.jodinespersonaltraining.co.uk