Candice Taylor, chiropractor and qualified hypnotherapist, gives the reasons for relaxing and unwinding. Candice gives her personal story about suffering with headaches and chiropractic treatment.


I can’t remember when they started, it was definitely before I became a teenager. As soon as I turned 11 that’s when I remember them getting in the way of a ‘normal’ life.

Everyday, as the school day began to draw to a close a fog would descend and the headache began to brew. Always in the same place, behind the eyes. Usually I would just brush it off believing that it was me, I was a bit broken, not like the other kids at school. My mum took the brunt of my moaning (which I now feel awful about).

At least once a month I would get a headache that started in my neck and travelled up, they became all consuming. When these hit my mum was hard pushed to get me to leave the house let alone go to school. These were associated with neck pain, a hangover sensation and a teen that just wanted to sleep.

Because of my headaches I lost countless days of school, which ultimately left me struggling to keep up with work and feeling socially isolated. I began to feel that kids at school were forming friendships that my limited time at school could not give me. I became scared of accepting social invitations incase a headache came on and I was left with people who didn’t understand what I felt like or looking like a child because my mum had to come and collect me.

Looking back I realize that this was a bit of a cycle, the anxiety that had crept up was making the headaches worse, this in turn made me more anxious.

My GP was great, however we never really got to the bottom of what was going on, luckily my family was very supportive. It wasn’t until I started training as a Chiropractor at the age of 20 that I found out that a lot of the headaches were originating from the joints and muscles in my neck. After a course of treatment with the Chiropractors at my university the headaches were less often and severe. If I felt one coming on I could usually nip it in the bud with some treatment. This allowed me to grow more confident socially but also meant that I didn’t get behind with my university work. I have since learnt what precipitates my headaches (stress, cold, hormones) and can work on managing them.

Just from my experience alone I would encourage any sufferer or parent of a child with headaches to get them checked. Being able to manage headaches could lead to a happier and healthier life growing up and going forward.