Candice Taylor, chiropractor at Back 2 Balance in Hove, Brighton tells us about what happens if you click your own joints and whether or not it’s bad for you.


Commonly people click their own neck, but how many of you know what you are doing to your spine. As chiropractors we discourage clients from clicking their own joints, at this point we get asked why is it ok for us to do it and not themselves. So what is the difference?

When you click your own spine you are often targeting the joints either side of the restricted joint (See diagram).what happens when you click your own neck or back This can give very short-term relief, as this releases some natural hormones associated with pain relief. However, as the restricted joint is still present you soon begin to notice the tension again leading to repeat self-adjusting. Repetitive self-adjusting can lead to damage in the joints and tissues that surround the restriction. When a joint is restricted its movements are reduced, this means the joints above and below in the spine compensate by moving further. In due course the ligaments surrounding the spinal joints can stretch leading to instability and future spinal issues.

Chiropractors train for 4-5 years becoming experts in spinal adjusting. We focus on the restricted joint and give a specific adjustment to affect just to that joint. Adjustments release endorphins, which are natural painkillers within the body, reducing pain experienced from the restricted joint and increasing movement in just the right place.

Potentially there is an underlying problem if you feel the need to click your own spine. We here at Back 2 Balance recommend a Chiropractic examination to asses any underlying issues that may be contributing. Correction of these via adjustments, postural help and rehabilitation can help prevent problems in the future, as prevention is better than cure. So why not call us on 01273 206868 to find out more.

Do you click your own joints? Do you find it helps relieve some of your joint pain? Have you damaged yourself by doing it in the past? Has it become a habit? Let us know and lets get the conversation flowing.