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Doctor of Chiropractic, Michele Oman, is passionate about human movement and motor skills, music, literature, DIY and nutrition. In this blog he introduces oil pulling, including the do’s and don’t’s.


Oil pulling is an ancient method to promote an healthy oral cavity. Widely used throughout history by many populations is now re-emerging as one the healthiest methods to improve oral hygiene (and is supposed to have systemic effects too). According to Ayurvedic medicine oil pulling can be used to:

Cure tooth decay
Improve bad breath
Whitens teeth
Improve gums’ health
Prevent cavities
Help cracked lips
Boost immune system
And more…

What do you need to do?

The procedure is really simple, although it may sound boring for some: just gently swish in your mouth a tablespoon of oil (coconut oil, sesame oil or olive oil) for 10 – 20 minutes. This process cleanses your mouth, creating an antiseptic environment! Most micro-organisms inside our mouth consist in lipid-coated cells that supposedly adhere to oils if exposed to them. Once the time is up do not swallow the oil as it is going to be full of bacteria, get rid of it spitting it in the bin (avoid the sink as coconut oil clogs up). Rinse your mouth out with salted water and brush your teeth as usual. It is recommended you do this at least 4 times a week to see results. A warm advice coming from me would be: find something to do while pulling! Normally I would pull while having a shower, while doing the washing up or while reading… Be creative and if becomes a stress for you just avoid it! : )

Although sesame oil pulling has been the only oil researched and found effective in 7 articles, coconut oil is more recommended online because of its other proprieties (reduces inflammation, improves digestion, naturally balances hormones, improves memory and brain function).

It is suggested to oil pull on an empty stomach, so the perfect time would be early in the morning!

If this sparks your interest, research more information yourself and give it a try!

Let us know what you think about it!