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Doctor of Chiropractic, Michele Oman, is passionate about human movement and motor skills, music, literature, DIY and nutrition. In this blog he continues talking about the micro biome (gut health) and eludes to some ways to improve yours.
After having cleared what the microbiome is and its importance for our health, both physical and emotional (researchers have hypothesised that we would not have reached this high level of cognition and empathy without it) it’s time to concentrate on understanding what we can do to improve it!

Our gut flora is damaged by the modernprocessed foods destroy your natural healthy gut bacteria lifestyle: junk food, sugar, low fibre intake, extensive and/or indiscriminate use of antibiotics, too much time spent indoors, stress (surprisingly enough creates an imbalance in the flora itself), etc. Your own home may actually contribute to weakening your gut flora… for example, if you are breathing in a mouldy environment every day I can guarantee that having an amazing diet will create some positive changes in your body… But not as much as if you were living in a healthy environment! Get some plants and open your windows more!
Here are some tips that you can follow to make sure that you are “feeding” your microbiome! I can’t stress enough the importance of fibre in your diet. Obviously this is well known, however, what you may not know is what actually happens when you include them… Soluble fibres help regulate sugar levels and expel toxins, insoluble fibres feed our microbiome directly through the fermentation processes (simplifying). 
So we are talking mainly about: kefir has been known to help improve gut healthbeans, lentils, peas, cabbage, kale, cucumber, beetroot, leek, onion, garlic, asparagus, artichoke, banana, apple, avocado, etc. 
If you can get organic food, even better!!!
Another essential thing to add to your diet is fermented food that helps reduce pathogens already present in the microbiome and enhance digestion. 
Here are some examples: sauerkraut, tempeh, kefir, pickles, raw unpasteurised yogurt, miso, kuzu, etc.

I really hope that this is useful. Remember that this is just the beginning and the above are just some suggestions that you may like to try to see if they work for you… I believe that experimenting on yourself is the key to finding new balances and the perfect condition! Well, if you have any more questions, let us know!!!