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Doctor of Chiropractic, Michele Oman, is passionate about human movement and motor skills, music, literature, DIY and nutrition. In this blog he lets us all know what his morning routine is, to help back tension and low back pain. 


During my adjusting sessions I constantly talk about morning routines and movement, in my head this is how people should start their days (even more important if the person we are talking about is suffering from low back pain! If you want to know more about pain read Mike’s blog!). I seem to have this assumption (false or otherwise) in my head that everyone has a morning routine. This is probably because I have a routine myself and I find it really helpful to loosen up my body and start the day with a relaxed body and a clearer mind.

I’m going to introduce you, clients of Back 2 Balance, to the “Five Tibetan rites”!

Tibetan rite to help low back pain


The Tibetan rites comprehend a series of movements that are going to help your body to loosen up…
The reason why I know these rites is because of my father, who started practicing them when I was a child and I remember him doing them every morning… This practice was diffused in the west at the beginning of the 20th century, Peter Kelder wrote a book about it in 1939 called “The eye of revelation” where he explained who told him about the rites (a retired British colonel who traveled in the far east), how to perform them and the beneficial effects. I need to stress that in the book these rites are supposed to have magical powers and I personally DON’T believe that, I just know that they make me feel good and I want other people to feel the same 🙂


IMG_4880 2

Start breathing out lying flat (picture above), then inhale bring your legs and head up (picture below).

IMG_4881 2


IMG_4883 2

Start on your knees breathing out (picture above), breathe in and extend your spine and head plus bring your hips forward (picture below).

IMG_4882 2


IMG_4878 2

Start in a sitting position breathing out (picture above) and then (breathing in) use your shoulders as a fulcrum to bring your hips ups and align them with your spine (picture below).

IMG_4879 2


IMG_4877 3

Start breathing in during the classic downward dog position (picture above) and breathing out bring your spine in extension (picture below).

IMG_4876 4

I found that the tension that I accumulate during the night disappears after the rites, it makes a big difference in my walking pattern while I walk to work and overall in almost two years that I have been doing them regularly, my spine flexibility has got to a level that I thought was unachievable…

Why not try this to help improve low back pain, and even prevent it from occuring.

I’m going to leave you with some links from the internet that you can use to gain even more information about it and get a human in motion performing them! If you have any questions don’t hesitate and contact me!

A YouTube video
Written step by step instructions