Why do I keep getting shoulder pain at the end of the day?

Dr Mike Ford from Back2Balance is an ardent wellbeing Photo Shape Editor: https://www.tuxpi.com/photo-effects/shape-toolproponent. He likes nothing better than improving others’ lives in any way possible. Working as a chiropractor, with the focus on posture, and movement, Mike believes there is a powerful need to get out of our chairs and move, or face the consequences later.


We use ‘shoulder pain’ to describe a lot of things; Frozen Shoulder, Impingement syndrome, Adhesive capsulitis, muscular sprain strain etc….

Typical poor posture at the desk creating shoulder pain

However, one of the most common complaints that we receive is deep, aching shoulder pain at the end of the day. Most people that have a manual job or work behind a desk will immediately feel this is familiar! Click here for some fun facts about sitting.
The trouble with this kind of pain is we are often advised to take some paracetamol and wait for it to go away, this is rarely successful and I’ll explain why:

When pain is caused by a specific event, say, walking into a glass door by accident, the cause of pain is very obvious! The impact of the door damages our sensitive nose causing bruising, tearfulness and an unjust hatred of the door in question.
When pain is derived by a less impactful activity the odds are that the way we are using our bodies is causing damage to slowly build up over time. Think holding a deep squat for 24 hours; you would expect your leg muscles to give up, get shaky, and be in quite a lot of pain at the end of the period! Not to mention the next day! In this case it is not the squat that is causing the trouble but the duration and lack of rest.

Typical poor posture at the desk creating shoulder painIn the same way when we sit with our shoulders leaning forward, our head jutting towards our screen and our whole upper body curving into a ‘C’ shape we put a huge amount of physical stress on our neck, shoulders and upper back! In fact, your head weighs the same as a bowling ball, so image carrying that around all day with your arms outstretched!
This is no problem for 20 minutes or so, but by the time we have done 8 hours of this whilst also generally being subjected to boredom and stress in equal quantities, we tend to get very sore and achey.
Repeat this cycle again and again and we form a chronic pattern of tightness in our upper back and neck, so even if we stop doing the provoking activity we cannot easily return to our previous relaxed state without some intervention like Chiropractic or massage! Experiencing shoulder pain, look no further, call us on 01273 206868 to schedule a chiropractic check up today.

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