Photo Shape Editor: Mike Ford from Back 2 Balance is an ardent wellbeing proponent. He likes nothing better than improving others’ lives in any way possible, including shoulder pain treatment. Working as a chiropractor, with the focus on posture, and movement, Mike believes there is a powerful need to get out of our chairs and move, or face the consequences later.

How do I stop the ache in my shoulders at the end of the day?

Many people experience a deep ache or a sense of restriction around their shoulders and neck after a day of activity. Especially if your work or lifestyle involves sitting or bending forwards. When should you decide to seek shoulder pain treatment?

So what can you do about a deep ache around your shoulders?

The first step is making sure that during your daily activities you are 2017-05-23-PHOTO-00000142maintaining good posture and are using your body efficiently; the pictures included in this blog show what optimum sitting posture is (approximately) with our previous article dealing with how not to sit. An upright sitting posture; with your chest pushed forward and bum pushed back behind you, helps the shoulders relax onto your collar bones and takes the strain off of your neck and shoulders. Bear in mind that if your body has grown used to slumping over many years it will find it very difficult to stay upright ad relaxed at first (This is where 2017-05-23-PHOTO-00000139involving your Chiropractor is key to help with the transition!). The next step is moving regularly, ideally every 30 minutes! If a muscle stays contracting for more than 30 minutes it begins to fatigue exponentially. If you can move, rest and stretch the muscles involved it will help to reduce fatigue and therefore reduce damage by the time the day is finished. Prevention is half the battle!

shoulder pain treatmentMovements, to begin with, include;
Stretching as tall as you can with your arms above your head gently for around 10 seconds.
Spending some time lying on your back (if at all possible during the day especially in the afternoon), this will give your muscles some rest.
Walking with a long fast stride.

Beyond this, drink plenty of water (2 Litres a day is ideal), as it helps muscles to function normally, and remember to make sure your ergonomics are as optimised as possible!

There is a video coming soon with a collection of exercises to do at the end of a day to relax and heal. However in the mean time some of the best exercises are on our YouTube channel! Check out ‘Ys,Ts, Ws, and Ls’, and the ‘Yes’,’No’, and ‘Maybe’ exercises!

If you feel like you need some shoulder pain treatment, please don’t hesitate to speak to one of our chiropractors, or make an initial appointment with them.