rebecca nicholas

With the summer proving to be a winner temperature wise, we wonder what injuries you may sustain enjoying that court sport. Rebecca Nicholas, Doctor of Chiropractic, writes her reasons why a chiropractor is an important part of your tennis off-court team. 


  1. Neck – large amounts of stress and strain on the cervical musculature – from the base of the skull to the top of the shoulders, especially with the tennis serve action. Neck injuries can lead to not only discomfort but headaches, neck pain, and poor arm co-ordination.
  2. Shoulder – the shoulder and scapula often become restricted in 220px-Tennis_Racket_and_Ballsmovement, decreasing your flexibility and increasing chances of pain, sometimes in the shoulder joint, other times in the area between you spine and shoulder blade. Both the serve, forehand and backhand require huge flexibility but strength as well. Minor injuries in the shoulder can really impact your game.
  3. Pelvis and SI joints – again the serve action can cause huge amounts of force to travel through the pelvis and SI joints, this is a common cause of one sided low back pain.
  4. Low back – the general twisting bending and lunging commonly stresses the discs and facet joints of the lumbar spine. Low back injuries are rife in both the work place and in the sporting arena. The lumbar discs are probably one of the hardest structures for the body to heal, hence th
    frequency of injury and back
  5. Knees – knee trauma is one thing, but spine and pelvic imbalance commonly creates uneven tension in the ITB and leg muscles to cause knee pain. The quite often, lunging and turning quickly on the move, can really give knees a work out. Injuries to knees include meniscus tears, cartilage damage, ligamentus sprains, and other strains.
  6. Wrists, elbows and forearms – tennis elbow is often complicated by nerve pain referral from the neck, but it’s also important to keep the tension from the wrist and forearm.

Tennis is such a one sided game creating imbalance especially over years of practice and playing. So it is important to get checked and have some of these imbalances corrected before they become the norm for you.

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