Each year we hold a ‘Client Appreciation’ party, as a way of us saying how much we value and honour you. This year was no exception! We decided to include an award ceremony too with awards for top referrer, largest family under chiropractic care, biggest improver, as well as other awards inc Winston’s favourite clients (who spoil him!)

Here are YOUR award winners for 2017…. Could it be you next year?!

Drum roll please……….

Top Referrer goes to Peter- Peter has referred a minimum of 4 people to us just this year alone- and the year is not yet finished!

Most improved was given to Sasha- she used to jump at even the slightest touch to her back. With a combination of chiro and massage she has improved so much- well done Sasha for not giving up!

The best story teller- Rudolph- have a chat with him and you’ll see why- a fascinating gentleman.

Linda won most dedicated to care as she travels from Bristol to continue her car with us.

Winston’s favourite clients were David and Bridget for giving him his beautiful collar (hand made by them too!).

Winston also has another favourite client, Anne, for the main fact that she gives him treats EVERY single time she comes into the clinic! He is obviously a male- thinking with his stomach!!lol

The French family won the award for most number of family members under active chiropractic care- 4 of them- plus Reg is the oldest client currently have care at the clinic! In his 90’s!

Hannah won most colourful- and as you can see, when she picked up her award, it was no exception that both she and her beautiful baby are vibrant in colour.

Sandra won the most interactive with us on social media- she makes us feel all loved and appreciated for the time and effort we put into creating a community on our FB page.

We wish to thank all of our clients who attended on what was a horrible wet and windy evening. To all of you who couldn’t attend, we sincerely hope you can make our next one in 2018 🙂 we have a lot of laughs, food and drink!