Michele Oman, associate chiropractor at Back 2 Balance, Hove gives some insights into why getting fit is so incredibly important for each and every one of us. His other passions in life are DIY, nutrition, human movement and motor skills, music, and literature.



Why is it important to get fit?


Most of the human beings on the planet have the desire of remaining fitness improves your DNAalive as much as possible and the people that don’t want that have either depression, some incurable disease or have had great traumas (either physical or psychological). My point is that in our DNA is encoded this survival gene and that happens in every creature, not only humans!

Whereas millions of years ago the rate of survival was much lower, due to infections, predators and physical fights; right now is much easier to remain alive for many many years! All you have to do is get and keep fit  as much and as long as you can!

Doing that, you have the best chance to have a long and prosperous life. What I mean in the previous sentence is that: you don’t want just to survive, you want to thrive! When you get in your 60s, 70s or older, you want to be able to walk long distances, get up from the floor, stand up from a chair without having to use your arms, you want to be able to play with your grandkids, etc.

getting fit requires nutrition and movementMy advice is to eat healthy food (the less processed the better), exercise and stretch, and to understand how your body works and its requirements. Sadly, there is so much confusion in our medical system on what to eat, when and why, that my advice remains. Talk to as many professionals as possible and do your own research and your own experiments. Change your eating habits as much as you can, take notes, have a diary and note how different foods give you different states if mind. Remember that processed food (mainly the one that you get in the supermarket) was introduced very few years ago and our body is NOT ABLE to work at its best with it.

Secondly, you have to move your body. We were not made to sit down on the sofa; we were made to hunt, to fight, to play, etc. The amount of exercise you do, directly influence your gene expression, your DNA and the likelihood to be healthy as much as possible. Collecting as many physical experiences as possible (varieties of sports and disciplines) makes your body adaptable and resilient.

Watch our YouTube video here about getting fit.

Are you making excuses saying that you don’t have time to move or stretch? Remember that stretching should not be your break in between working hours, the working hours are the break you take while you stretch and move around!! Boom!!

Ask your Back 2 Balance chiropractor what would be the best ways to move, stretch and exercise to help minimise injury. Call us on 01273 206868 to speak to one of us.

We are interested in knowing how you’ve managed to get from couch potato to life optimisation :-) what can you now do that you thought you could never do? Post your comments below.