Rebecca Nicholas, chiropractor and clinic owner, advocates increasing our exercise amounts whatever our starting level! Read below the benefits of walking.


The Power of Walking

Walk to work day is Friday 6th April this year and you can read about the history of this day here. Interestingly it was not just for the health benefits that this day was created, it was also for the environmental aspect of walking rather than polluting the air using cars etc.

iStock/Milan Zeremski

iStock/Milan Zeremski

Walking may be seen as just a mode of transport, however, what about getting into the fresh air, connecting with the smells and sounds of the world around us, and enjoying whatever the weather is, and lastly being grateful for taking the air into our lungs with a breath!

It is defined as “move at a regular pace by lifting and setting down each foot in turn, never having both feet off the ground at once.”

If you are really interested in what is involved in walking (aka gait in the medical world!) then click here to read one of our blogs.

Most of us use the putting of one foot infant of the other simply as a means to an end- a way of getting from A to B. What most people don’t realise is that walking is also one of the most effective forms of all round exercise! It is suitable and safe for almost everyone – regardless of age, fitness level or ability.


Getting involved in regular walking can provide many benefits and have a real impact on people’s physical and mental health. Did you know that regular brisk walking can:

  1. halve your risk of a heart attack or stroke
  2. burn the same amount of calories as jogging
  3. improve your blood pressure
  4. lower your cholesterol
  5. improve your confidence
  6. help you feel less stressed
  7. help you lose weight and keep it off
  8. improve the cognitive functioning of the brain
  9. reduce the risk of developing some cancers & help cancer patients deal with the challenges of cancer treatment
  10. help prevent Diabetes and help those with Diabetes manage their condition
  11. lower the risk of developing dementia in later life by up to a third


Top-20-Health-Benefits-Of-Walking-2I didn’t specifically know what what brisk walking was, however, it is defined as 3 miles per hour and you should be able to talk but not sing! It is recommended that we walk for 30 mins at least 5 times a week. The NHS website also recommend 150 minutes per week of walking and give their advice when first thinking about taking up walking. Our very own Brighton and Hove council have even put on health walks to encourage people to walk, click here for more info. What a fab place to live?!

There are some other benefits that have been touted from just 30mins walk a day, including improving your mood and getting your creative juices flowing, as well as helping to improve your bowel regularity! So if all these benefits of walking don’t entice you, I don’t know what will 😉

And this blog is excellent to show how to help make walking a habit that lasts and lasts.

What are you going to do doing for walk to work day? And what do you love about walking? I love being able to take the dog out and burn off his excess energy, with an added benefit of me getting some fresh air.