Rebecca Nicholas, chiropractor and Back 2 Balance owner, likes nothing more than helps clients get healthy, not just pain free. In this blog, she gives some of her top tips for creating a relaxing sleep environment. 




What do we mean by a good sleep environment?

There are many factors that can influence sleep quality, including nutrition, trans-meridian travel, emotional stress and the room that you are sleeping in. I have written several things to keep an eye on, especially if you are suffering from sleep deprivation. Click here to read the reasons why getting good sleep is important. 


Temperature of the room

It’s been reported that a room at 16-18 degrees is ideal as too hot creates a restless night’s sleep and too cold often means its difficult to get to sleep. Having the windows open can give you more oxygen and less stuffy room. Another factor to look into is matching the bedding to the different seasons.

Lighting of the room

The light that enters through our eyes tells our brain if its daytime and nighttime. When we see light our body thinks we should be awake and when it’s dark we release melatonin. Currently, in the 21st century, we find that light bulbs, TVs, computers and mobile devices etc, can confuse our brain into thinking we should be awake, when we are trying to go to sleep. Think about having black out blinds, using an eye mask, and no stand by lights on in the bedroom. We would also recommend no screens before bedtime as the blue light they emit, suppresses melatonin even more. Use ear plugs and have double glazing installed if noise is disrupting your sleep.

Comfortable bed

Choosing the right pillows and mattress is important as we spend nearly a third of our life in bed. A firmish mattress is ideal for a healthy back, with one or no pillows depending on your sleep position. Check out our video blog on choosing the right mattress. Make sure you spend enough time picking your bed, and there are companies out there that has a money back guarantee so that you can change it after 60-90 days if you aren’t comfortable. 

Sleep preparation

Many parents understand the importance of a sleep routine, and forget that the same principles apply to us adults! Warm drinks including herbal teas can prepare your body for sleep. Reading a book rather than texting/social media/tv OR gentle yoga deep breathing or meditation can also help improve sleep. Running and soaking in a warm bath and spraying lavender on your pillow or diffuser are other ways to drift off into a deep sleep. Mentally, we can sometimes find it difficult to switch off and relax our brains. If this is the case, try to solve arguments before bedtime- that age old piece of advice is right- don’t go to bed on an argument. Another tip is to write a list of things that you want to revisit the next day to make sure everything is off your mind before bedtime.

We, at Back 2 Balance understand that the speed of which your body will heal if influenced by many factors, including your sleep environment. Sleep is an important factor for regeneration and healing. The better quality and quantity someone’s sleep is, usually tells us how quickly their back or neck pain will improve. Obviously, sometimes these things are hugely linked- if your back pain and sciatica is bad, then this often causes poor sleep. If you want to solve your back pain and have tried buying a new mattress thinking that your back pain would go, and it hasn’t, then call us on 01273 206868 to book your consultation with one of our chiropractors at Back 2 Balance.