Working From Home


As many as 50% of the work population will be working from home, current stats are showing, during this ‘lock down’ period. That’s a lot of people, just when you factor the UK, let alone the rest of the world!

As a chiropractor I’ve been chatting to lots and lots of you. There seems to be some similarities occurring. Namely, getting stiff and sore, even though many are able to do more exercise at the start or end of the day. Why is this, I hear you ask? I started enquiring into how their days were working. I found out that many would usually walk from meeting room to meeting room, to canteen etc. Nowadays, people are not moving from their desks. Just logging in from one video call to another, without even moving from their desks! No wonder they are getting stiff and sore!



7 Tips for surviving working from home


– Sitting in front of your computer/laptop


  1. Plan for proper regular breaks. Ideally at least very hour. You could create an alarm or similar on your phone or computer to remind you to do this. Go get some water, go to the toilet, do a little stretch or dance.
  2. Try to set up your work environment with good healthy ergonomics. Even if it means you standing with the laptop on the ironing board!
  3. Change position regularly. Sit, then stand, then sit, then move to the ironing board, then move to the kitchen breakfast bar. Don’t stay in one position too long, your body is not designed for this.
  4. Do some stretches little and often. I’ve created a short YouTube video of some basic ones. I’ve made them so you don’t even have to move out of your chair, however, I would prefer if you did get up and move!
  5. The coloured light emitted from our devices have long been known to change our hormone profile and not be great for us health wise. I have a pair of blue blocking glasses for when I work on my laptop more than an hour or so. This is the other reason why all devices should be switched off an hour or two before bedtime to help the body prepare for a good night’s sleep. If this is something you suffer from then read my sleep blog here, and learn ways to improve it.
  6. an easy habit to form is to link the phone with standing up. If you receive or make a call (and can do), stand up. Getting the spine away from a flexed seated position is so important for spinal hygiene.
  7. And lastly, swop your mouse hand every half day to day. It’ll be difficult to start with, however, is can really help reduce the chance of getting RSI and carpal tunnel syndrome.

So those are my top 7 tips for working from home. If you would like for me to write or add anything else, all you have to do is comment below! Thanks for reading.