Rebecca Nicholas, principle chiropractor and owner of Back 2 Balance. She gives us her personal thoughts about working through Covid19 lockdown and why we are so busy in clinic, at the moment.





Why are we seeing so much tension and tightness during Covid19?


This has been a crazy few months to say the least. I have not stopped working throughout (albeit in a very small capacity as we dropped 95% turnover literally over night). My usual practice consists of all ages, families, all physical fitness levels, and the majority are wellbeing. Wellbeing are those people who have got to where they want to be and have made the decision to never let it go back to how it used to be.



As our clients start coming back into see us, it has been an interesting test of time on their spines, bodies and nervous systems. Not only that, how stress has affected their nervous system. They have been unable to go

  • To the gym,
  • Receive massage or adjustments (by their chiropractor or osteopath),
  • Or relax in the pub with their friends.

What seemed to happen was watching the news (usually daily death toll, scary facts, ‘scientific’ evidence, and other stressors) and staying inside.




We have previously written several blogs on what stress does to our bodies, and I encourage you to read it before continuing, as I will assume prior knowledge of hormone and chemical changes and the physiological changes that happen in one’s body when stress is applied.



A month or so into lockdown, I started noticing clients were difficult to adjust. They had more muscle tension and knots, and slower to respond to care. I didn’t think much of it until I found myself reading a Facebook thread on a chiropractor and osteopath site. There, they were all noticing the same thing, and so it got me thinking…..and the idea for this blog came into fruition.



Tension and pain


Why would this be? In my opinion, people’s stress levels (perceived or unperceived) are mostly to blame. If you can imagine that our brain’s are thinking we are in a life or death situation, the proverbial lion about to attack. Our body’s flood with stress chemicals which will prime our muscular-skeletal system for an attack. Our muscles will stiffen and tighten, ready to run or fight.


Feeling fine?!


Many of our wellbeing clients who have returned have not come back suffering much. A fact that I am very pleased about. I am, however, not surprised by this. You may wonder why. A person who has been regularly checked and adjusted over years, have built up a certain level of resilience/resistance. Much like regularly putting money aside into a savings account, to be able to draw down when the time comes. Similar can be said of having regular wellbeing checks and adjustments by your chiropractor and osteopath. I would not expect a client who has regularly looked after their body and given it wellbeing chiro/osteo care, to suddenly fall apart if they miss a session. In fact, I would probably say that it would take a good 4-6 months minimum to get to that point that a person would feel like they are really needing an adjustment.



I’m pleased to say that most of my clients have returned to the clinic to receive their nervous system checks and adjustments, and are doing great. However, we are finding some clients’ body’s slower to respond, and more difficult to adjust. The outcome is often needing more sessions and more home care input to get back on track.


Not been back in yet?


If you haven’t yet been in to see us, please do watch our video on what it is like post Covid19. Know that we will do whatever it takes to help get your body back on track, as quickly and effectively as possible. However, please note that this may mean more sessions than before, or more frequent sessions than you had pre Covid-19. Also, if you are shielding or concerned in any way- let us know. We do have some shifts and times that we keep for people who are shielding.



This is my macabre fascination into what worldwide stress, fear and panic can do to the physical body, let alone the mental health of a nation. My only wish is that we didn’t have Covid-19 pandemic to work out what is important to us and what our true values are.

Here to look after you always, no matter what xxx