Rebecca Nicholas, lead chiropractor at Back 2 Balance in Brighton and Hove, has a special interest in pregnancy and paediatric care. For over 15 years she has been increasing her knowledge in this area. Below she talks about her latest seminar with Spinning Babies.



“After last weeks fantastic workshop with Spinning Babies, I thought I would summarise with a chiropractor’s perspective.”


Spinning Babies

There are 3 main principles

  • Balance
  • Gravity
  • Movement




– with respect to the mother’s body – includes her pelvic bones, pelvic joints (both sacroiliac joints and the pubic symphysis), ligaments (mainly the Sacro tuberous and round ligaments), and muscles (primarily the psoas, iliacus, paraspinals, gluteal, piriformis). 


– helps labour. During pregnancy, pregnant women’s daily habits are very important. Making sure the mum sits on her SITS bones (ischial tuberosity) when she does sit allows the baby to adopt a more head down position. In the last trimester this is even more paramount. 


– is about making sure mum has got enough exercise and motion during her pregnancy. This includes walking, limited sitting, standing and having flexible spine, pelvis, muscles and ligaments. During labour movement is essential to help baby descend the birth canal.



Home exercises, stretches, adjustments from your Back 2 Balance chiropractor and osteopath are vitally important in supporting these principles. Spinning Babies have created a Daily Essentials checklist which can be found on their website and include daily stretches and movements to help keep flexible and balanced. 

They have also designed 3 ‘Sisters of Balance’ which again you can find on their website or ask your Back 2 Balance chiropractor/osteopath to teach you and your partner these balancing techniques. The Webster technique is also a great way of balancing the pelvis- check out my other blog on this.



Why bother implementing these three principles that Spinning Babies have created?

  • Allow baby to move down easier with contractions
  • Pelvic bones may open wider during birth
  • Medical interventions may decrease
  • Pain may decrease
  • Comfort may increase – immediately!
  • Babies may turn to the get into a more ideal position by themselves
  • Labour may start and finish spontaneously


If you are reading this and are interested in working with someone to improve your pelvic balance, to create more harmony within your soft tissues, and optimise labour outcome, please do contact me. You can email, or call 01273 206868 to speak to the front desk team and arrange a call back.