Last weekend Andy our Massage Therapist was part of a training team who taught therapists how to use localised cryotherapy using a t med device and how to combine this with massage to create an incredibly effective therapy. Andy goes on to explain what cryotherapy is…




Cryotherapy can be used to aid recovery, speed up healing and also has some cosmetic benefits.


Firstly, What is Cryotherapy?


It is the use of extreme cold to trigger the body’s natural healing response due to thermal shock. Cryotherapy works by reducing blood flow to a particular area. It uses either nitrogen vapour or super cooled air which in turn is applied to the skin. Thermoreceptors in the skin send signals to the brain of the growing need to address the extreme cold temperatures which are progressively cooling the skin. The body’s first response is to constrict blood vessels. This is in order to regulate the temperature of the body and restore balance.


The Next Stage


Vasoconstriction redirects superficial blood flow from blood vessels and capillaries back to the larger vital organs of the body. Once treatment is over the body quickly works to restore temperature balance in the superficial treatment area through vasodilation. The heart increases delivery of oxygenated blood flow to the targeted area. Which is enriched with enzymes, hormones and proteins at a higher than normal level.

As the brain regulates the temperature of the blood micro circulations are driven around the treatment area. It continues to circulate at an intensified rate for several hours. As a result, inflammations and haematomas are drained. Toxins are circulated away from superficial layers and nutrients are delivered to various types of tissue.




The body releases B-Endorphins which are a natural analgesic. The rapid release of hormones can lead to a rush creating a sense of euphoria and an elevated mood .

Pain relief the body’s cold receptors send strong signals via the spinal cord which stifle the pain receptors signals.

Next the muscles relax and pain symptoms are reduced which intern increases range of movement.


Its’s Benefits:


  • Reduced migraine symptoms.
  • Numbs nerve irritation.
  • Helps with mood disorders.
  • Reduces arthritic pain.
  • Treats atopic dermatitis and skin conditions.


“It is an awesome experience teaching others how to use these devices and combine them with their massage treatments. It was a very busy but enjoyable few days.” – Andy