Chris our sports therapist here at Back 2 Balance goes on to explain what sports therapy is in the blog. He also talks about what it does and when is best to see a sports therapist.




What is Sports Therapy?


Sports therapy bridges the gap between early acute injury management and chronic conditions to the return of full function, pain and problem free. Whether that be through a wide range of techniques, from manual therapy, soft tissue massage and correction of movement patterns to exercises prescription. Sports therapy also provides specific and individualised treatment to get you back to participating with the things you love.


What does a sports therapist do?


A sports therapist will provide a full in-depth assessment of your injury or problem to diagnose the issue. They then create a full rehabilitation program including a verity of treatments dependant on the injury and the individual’s needs and goals. Each session following the assessment will be a gradual increase of the rehab program as well as constant progress monitoring.


When best to see a sports therapist?


  • Acute injury management. E.g. Sprained ankle
  • Chronic injury. E.g., A persistent pain lasting over a couple of months
  • When experiencing pain after repetitive movement or actions
  • If you’re experiencing any discomfort or pain at any time during your occupation
  • If you’re wanting to start exercising but unsure of how to reach your goals
  • To get you to perform any form of physical activity optimally
  • Wanting any help in creating any exercise programs


For any questions regarding sports therapy or you would like to book in please do get in touch!