Megan gives out top tips on how to stay motivated and getting the most out of exercise. She is our Osteopath here at Back 2 Balance and explains her story and ways that got her motivated and on her journey to CrossFit competitions.





  • Do you exercise?
  • Struggle to stay motivated when exercising?
  • Do you enjoy exercise?
  • What are your reasons for exercising?
  • Do you have any goals?


I often hear clients say that they started running or they started going to the gym but they don’t anymore. Or that they know they should start going to the gym but they just… You probably know exactly what I mean and have heard people saying exactly the same thing.

I have always thought of myself as quite sporty, having grown up riding horses and dabbling in running, but I never really had any structure or made exercise a priority because I was always active. However, when I went to university I found myself more sedentary and felt like I needed to go to the gym. I joined a gym and attempted to go. Every day I would tell myself right I’m going to go today but the overwhelming feeling of I don’t want to or I can’t be bothered took over and I wouldn’t go. I also tried to go spinning 2-3 times a week but again I’d get home and lie in my bed instead. On the other hand if I did make it to the gym I would always just walk around using some of the machines but feeling a bit silly whilst doing it unsure if I was doing it correctly.

When I finished university I started doing CrossFit. Fast forward 2 years and I am completely in love with CrossFit, exercise, being strong, fit and healthy and basically being able to do anything I want to because my body allows it.





Find something you completely love and enjoy doing

This was a game changer for me. Of course I could never muster up the motivation to go to the gym or spinning when I was at university because I didn’t enjoy doing it. It wasn’t until I started CrossFit that I found going easy because I love doing it. Don’t get me wrong. I do have some days where I have to dig deep to get myself to go but once I’m there I easily get into working out.

Sometimes I hear clients say I go to the gym and do 30 mins on the treadmill, 30 mins on the bike… unless you absolutely love doing this it won’t be sustainable because it’s not enjoyable and it’s boring! Go to different taster sessions for different exercises/gyms and find something that’s a bit of you. Also finding somewhere that has a sense of community will help, at CrossFit there are no headphones. Everyone chats to each other, you make friends and you help motivate and inspire each other.

Have structure to your workout

Never go to the gym not knowing what to do as you wont be motivated. Either go to a class so you have someone telling you what to do, follow a programme, a general one or find a coach to draw you up a personalised programme. Find a PT to see once or twice a week. You will learn so much about exercise, how to do things correctly and they can give you advice on nutrition, even if you see one for 6 months and then take those new found skills into the gym on your own. You will feel way more empowered.

Change your reasons for working out/exercising

Another reason I struggled going to the gym at university is because I was purely working out for aesthetic reasons. I didn’t want the university lifestyle to affect how I looked. Since starting CrossFit my reasons for working out have completely changed. I now work out because I want to be healthy, fit, strong and I want to continue progressing in the things I can do, how heavy I can lift. I also want to be fit and strong to be able to do my job to the best of my ability. Sit down and be honest with yourself about the reasons you exercise and find a new perspective.

Set yourself goals

Setting yourself goals can be really motivating. Get specific with what you want to achieve in a certain amount of time, track your progress and once you start seeing progress it can be amazing. You will feel a massive sense of achievement. This will help your confidence in all parts of life.

Have something to aim towards

This is a great one and one that I encourage everyone to do! If running is your thing, book yourself into a 5/10k, half marathon or marathon. You may think I would never do that but why not?! Push yourself out of your comfort zone, having something to work towards massively helps you stay motivated whilst training. Once you have done your competition you will feel amazing! Things like tough mudders are also so much fun. You could find something to do with a partner as having someone to do it with and hold you accountable is great.

Remember you can do anything you want to if you put your mind to it!