Andy one of our massage therapists here at Back 2 Balance talks about 5 tips to improve your health. This matter is very relevant at the moment as Movember is all about raising awareness around men’s health issues.





It’s an annual event which involves the growing of moustaches during the month of November to raise awareness of men’s health issues. Generally men tend to ignore many of their health¬†issues not sure if this is a genetic or cultural thing but we should be more proactive in this area.



In running with this theme here are 5 tips to help improve your health be it mentally, physically or even emotionally.


Number 1

Get some sky time (as in get outside) . As it gets colder its easy to stay indoors and send way to much time in front of a screen but aim to get outside and in the elements.

Number 2

Drink water its a basic one that most of us tend to ignore and can have the biggest benefits. Our bodies are made up of mostly h2o and coffee, tea don’t cut it unfortunately.

Number 3

Prioritise Sleep

This is a big one lack of good sleep has such an impact on us mentally, physically and emotionally. Aim to get off screens about an hour before bed as the blue light from them is notorious for disturbing sleep.

Number 4

Eat real food it is all to easy to grab highly processed junk food nowadays which plays havoc with our bodies. Fruits, Vegetables protein of some variety try to make these the bulk of your diet.

fruit and veg
Number 5

Get checked out

Take an honest appraisal of both your physical and mental health. It can be a simple as going for a check up with your GP.


Extra bonus

Talk to someone this can be incredibly difficult for guys but talking to someone who you trust can really help.


…Five tips for getting on top of your health this Movember