Rebecca Nicholas, clinic director and principle Chiropractor, at Back 2 Balance, Hove, gives her tops tips for surviving Christmas in a 12 day countdown.- Christmas Cooking



Christmas Cooking


Bending down to get Turkey out is often cited as a reason for lower back pain. It’s to do with leverage.

E.g If you have a heavy weight (in this example a turkey) and try to lift with your outstretched arms without being close to the aforementioned object. (the turkey) Then the object weighs much more (relatively speaking), then if you lifted the object closer to your body.

Spending all of Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and for some poor peeps, the following days as well, bent over chopping veg, washing up, preparing and cooking food is much like a repetitive strain injury. Don’t say I didn’t warn you come the new year when you ring for an emergency appointment demanding a chiropractic adjustment!!

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