Rebecca Nicholas, clinic director and principle Chiropractor, at Back 2 Balance, Hove, gives her tops tips for surviving Christmas in a 12 day countdown – drinking alcohol.



Drinking Alcohol


At Christmas time, holiday season and all that, one tends to have a drink or two. Often this is a wee bit more than two and due to most people off work for the week, this can get to be a daily thing if you’re not careful.


So My Chiropractic Top Tips Are:


  • Drink plenty of water at all other times and if you can, between alcoholic beverages.
  • Keep hydrated by drinking warm water with lemon. See our blog here on early signs of dehydration and here for natural ways to help improve dehydration.
  • Alcohol also depletes your vitamin B and magnesium levels so over the festive period take a high quality multi-vitamin.
  • If you seriously don’t want to drink, then be the designated driver – this stops you from even having a couple.

For me personally, I’ve got to THAT age where I can’t seriously deal with the hangover from hell! It lasts all day, unlike when I was 20 which after a sleep I would wake up feeling amazing regardless of how much I had the night before. This is a major driving factor that reduces my alcohol consumption – I want to enjoy the next day not mop around at home in my pj’s feeling sorry for myself.

Over to you, what are your hangover remedies, or tips that help to stop you from drinking heavily?