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Andy is a massage therapist here at Back 2 Balance who also offers sports massage. Andy goes on to explain reasons why its a good idea to include sports massage in your marathon training. This is definitely worth a read as there are many marathons coming up in the next few months. Brighton Marathon is only a couple of months away…



Reasons To Include Sports Massage In Your Marathon Training


Training for a marathon can be a long and arduous journey filled with aches and pains before you even get to the starting line.


Here are a few ways sports massage can help reduce and even stop some of it;


Firstly having maintenance massage is a great way to identify and stop those niggles turning into injuries. Massage can enhance tissue permeability, this will help nutrients and oxygen to get to your muscles quicker and aid in removing waste products. Specific deep pressure can be great way to reduce muscle tension which can be difficult to do by yourself on a foam roller.

Sports massage helps increases short term flexibility and aid in reducing pain and soreness picked up from the many hours of running in preparation for a marathon. The delayed onset
muscle soreness or DOMS can affect gait, stride length and posture all making that run that much harder.

Massage can also help with relieving trigger points that develop in the muscles from the volume of training. Sports massage can also help with reducing the muscle fatigue that builds up over the multiple training sessions.

Finally a bit of relaxation, the body needs rest to rebuild and repair the damage done during the training to come back stronger. A regular massage can be a great way of getting in that
much needed rest to aid with your recovery.


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