Rebecca the Owner and Lead Chiropractor here at Back2Balance explains the top 5 benefits of wild / cold water swimming.



Wild / Cold Water Swimming

ocean swimming

Here are 5 reasons why wild / cold swimming can benefit your health:


  • Boosted immune system through an increase in your white blood cell count.
  • Better circulation as the cold water cause the blood to rush to your organs, making your heart work a little bit harder.
  • Increase happiness as the endorphins are released to help take the sting away from the cold water on your skin.
  • Increased metabolism. The colder the water, the more energy your body will convert from fat to fire up your metabolism and keep your core temperature stable.
  • Better skin as blood flows away from the skin’s surface towards the organs as a means of conserving body heat. This process flushes out waste and impurities, which in turn makes the skin smoother.


There are many places in which you could do this; take a dip in the ocean, get in a plunge pool. In fact there is one located at the Beach Box Spa down on Brighton beach. Swimming in your nearest lake or river.

Here is a little snap of some of our Back2Balance team having a dip in the sea.

cold water