Megan our clinic osteopath here at Back2Balance has written a blog about the Wim Hof techniques. She has written about the man behind and how you can get involved in Wim Hof.



Wim Hof


ice bath

Some of you may have heard of a person called Wim Hof (nicknamed ‘The Iceman’). He is a Dutch man who created a breathing method partnered with cold exposure and mindset
techniques. This has resulted in him achieving over 30 world records for extreme cold exposure such as climbing mount Everest in shorts and flip flops and staying submerged in ice for 112

Here is a video to teach you more on Wim


Not only has Wim broken lots of ice related records, but he has also helped cure thousands of people from a host of common diseases and issues, ranging from mental health issues and
autoimmune diseases like Crohn’s and Rheumatoid arthritis. This is through the power of cold exposure, breathing and showing how influential the mind is over the body in all aspects.


Cold exposure has many scientifically proven benefits ranging from…


● Reducing stress and anxiety
● Boosting your immune system
● Reducing inflammation
● Improving circulation
● Improving tolerance to cold
● Boosting energy
● Improving sleep quality
● Decreasing recovery times
● Helping with healing


If you are interested in the Wim Hof method, you can download his app. Just type in Wim Hof in the app or google play store. There is a guided breathing exercise which is easy to follow.


Why is breathing so important?!


Well, many of our clients will have heard how breathing stimulates your vagus nerve, which is responsible for activating your rest and digest nervous system. Most of us these days are constantly stuck in our fight or flight nervous system due to our busy, stressful lives. Over time this will increase inflammation which can lead to all sorts of chronic illnesses, such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer to name a few. I’m sure I don’t need to elaborate how taking time out to breath also has massive benefits on our mental health, just the same as meditation.

Why not start by turning your shower cold for 10 seconds at the end and then gradually increasing the time? Now is a great time to start, especially with it being so hot. Try having a
cold shower before you go to bed, I promise you’ll be able to sleep easier.

If you already know a bit about Wim Hof and want to explore further or if you are a newbie and want to go for it. My friend Mat is a certified Wim Hof instructor. Below is a picture of him and I at the gym we both go to, and also a picture of me attending one of his Wim Hof workshops where I submerged in the ice bath. Believe me it was amazing! Despite the fact it was one of the days after we had that big storm we had in February.

wim hofice bath

Here is a link to mat’s website. If you look, you will see that his philosophy massively resonates with our views on health and the ethos of Back2balance.