As it’s Women’s Equality Day today we thought we would talk about the Women that have inspired us in our lives.



My mum inspired me….

I followed in her career. She ran a business, had 2 children, and looked after a sick husband who had multiple sclerosis.

She worked really hard, gave us children lots of love and we were never left wanting. We had full life experiences from music and dance lessons, to spending plenty of time with grandparents, to camping with church groups.

Mum and dad were great examples of being healthy and natural- eating home cooked foods, no sugar or processed snacks, outside whenever possible, no TV or computer games, and I never saw my parents get drunk. We communicated well as a family, and did not grow up with body issues (mum and or dad often found in the bath where we would sit and chat to them!

I miss her so much.



osteopathMegan – Osteopath

I know that two other members of the team are also doing this piece on their mothers. I tried to think of another woman who inspired me but I just couldn’t. I think this just shows that we are extremely lucky to all have such amazing mothers!

My mum inspires me to be the best person that I can because that is what she does every day.

She’s never in a bad mood, always positive and always happy. She is the kindest person I know, always doing her best to help anyone who needs it.

All I want to do is make her proud of me, I also work hard so I can treat her and start returning all the things she has done for me over the years.



Chris – Chiropractor

The woman that inspires me is her Majesty the Queen! Even at the grand age of 96, she continuously undertakes constitutional and representational duties and attends a large calendar of events throughout the year! ..not to mention her speech on Christmas every year! 

Appointed to the throne in 1952, she has devoted 70 years of service!


Did you know: 

– The Queen is the president of more than 600 charities!

– There have been 14 prime ministers in the time of her single reign! 

– She still drives her own Range Rover when visiting Sandringham (my favourite fact)

It is often misunderstood what the Queen does, but in fact, her jobs seem never ending. I would recommend having a look! Even at 96 years of age I feel she is a centre pillar of the United Kingdom and is a lady who I look to for inspiration.


Anne – Clinical Assistant

One of my latest reads recently has been Becoming by Michelle Obama.

The book highlighted the determination of this former First Lady at a very early age. She refused to let one person’s opinion stop her from going to her first choice college, and even attended an interview for an ‘executive’ role with her 3 month old baby in tow, going on to get the job!

Fighting for a healthier America, she asked permission to tear up one of the lawns at the Whitehouse to plant a fruit and vegetable garden, and invited children from local schools to help plant seeds, and to return to let them see the fruits of their labour.

Her honesty and the challenges she has overcome in her lifetime are truly inspiring.

Even if you think something is out of reach, still go for it!


WOMENAndy – Massage Therapist

A women that inspires me is Raven Chapman Edwards!

She recently turned professional boxer and one of the only females signed to BT sport. What she has done to get where she is has been amazing!


WOMENMike – Tech Clinical Assistant

My girlfriend Molly, she is much smarter than me, and is always inspiring me to push my boundaries, work harder, and make the tough decisions in life. I’ll never compare to her achievements, but if I’m dating her at least I can brag about them!