Mike our tech clinical assistant here at Back2Balance is also a PT (personal trainer) outside the clinic. Mike has written about the value of a PT and benefits.




The Value of a PT


Investments in your health should always be your number one priority, however it is difficult to navigate what areas you should actually be investing in – this is super common: to feel motivated and go on a health kick which usually results in a bunch of non aligned, random ‘healthy’ purchases.


The most common things I see are:
gym membership

– Buying a gym membership
– Purchasing a bunch of different gym clothes, gear and supplements
– Buying vitamins and minerals because you know they’re good for you, but not really understanding why or what you should take
– Modifying their diet including cutting down on carbs and removing unhealthy food


Whilst I love the motivation- how long will this last?

Well looking at statistics, most people who join a gym don’t actually attend, if gyms only had active members paying them no gym would survive – they stay up and running because people get the motivation to buy a membership but don’t hold the discipline to keep coming.

So, motivation is fleeting, and now you’re left with these random items and accessories with no plan to move forward – what’s the next step?motivation

Well 9/10 people tend to just stop, realising they couldn’t reach their goal and don’t really know what they’re doing. Luckily, you’re the 1/10 who are going to be successful because you understand that investing in a personal trainer is one of the most valuable things for your health and longevity.

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So what are the primary benefits of having your own PT?

Someone to hold you accountable- once that fleeting motivation has completely ran out, having that external voice to keep you on top of things is crucial for your long term success.

Someone to ensure progress and measure it appropriately – It’s harder to build a building than to knock it down, it’s also harder to reach your goals and maintain them then to fall off and go back to your old habits, however with the right person to build solid foundations and produce effective results, you can create a durable, sustainable building/ body which will last.

Understanding of how to align your actions to your goals – As discussed you might be buying random equipment and supplements and doing random exercises just to get moving and feel better, however with the aid of a PT we can help you understand what is actually necessity and what will give you the biggest return on investment based on YOU and your current life.

This one is super important – think about it, when you take advice from anyone you’re only doing what worked with them, that doesn’t mean it’ll work for you. everyone is different- so you need to make sure everything is individual to what you want to accomplish, which is confusing without any background knowledge.


However, as a loyal colleague to the Back2Balance team, I’m more than happy to help you align yourself in the right direction to smash your goals. Therefore I’m offering you an opportunity to get a health check andmike pt mobility assessment (usually valued at £40) for FREE.

Shoot me an email or text to secure your slot:

07935 922142


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