Rebecca, clinic owner and head chiropractor here at Back2Balance talks about the importance of getting adjusted around Christmas and keeping to your course of care.




The importance of getting adjusted around Christmas time…


I’m often asked if this time of year is a busy or quiet time of the year for us as chiropractors and osteopaths. Many expect it to be quiet due to the focus and attention put on Christmas, parties, and gifts. Surprisingly, for some it may be. Here at Back 2 Balance, we are often fully booked. Why may you ask?Christmas


Please read below for some answers:


1) Busy, Busy, Busy


At a time when it’s easier to say you are too busy, than to get adjusted. This then becomes the MOST important time to get adjusted. In previous blogs we have written about the physiology around stress, and what this does to promote pain and inflammation! If someone is too busy for an adjustment, they are probably not going to be going to the gym/doing their stretches/drinking lots of water/getting enough sleep etc.


Stress Management

What does stress do to out bodies?


2) Various activities of Christmas promotes poor posture and high inflammation


For example, sitting wrapping presents and writing cards, lugging Christmas shopping around, sitting eating and drinking in uncomfortable chairs and sofas.


3) High stress/ emotional trigger time


I’ve already heard so many family triggers, un said, poor boundary setting, and lack of open communication. If you feel something is unfair, or done dis respectful to you, then say something. We go around this time of year with so many ‘should’s’ and ‘musts’ rather than going on ‘would we like to’, or ‘does this serve me’? This creates plenty of tension tightness and pains in our backs. When you ultimately understand what an adjustment is and does. Then you will appreciate the reason why we are always fully booked. Much better to give yourself that little bit of space, that ‘me time’. Invest in something so easy to do, then to wait till you’ve left it too long, and your body flares up again.

Whilst you give up all your other health habits over December – may I suggest, don’t give up your regular adjustment, it’s just not worth it! We see it time and time again, people pushing their appts back to the new year, and then calling up for an emergency appointment just before or just after Christmas.