Over the weekend Megan travelled up to Windsor to attend an amazing seminar ran by Dr Ryan Rieder. It was inspirational day and has opened up Megan’s mind in many ways, she has come back with so many ideas to help and improve our business.



Dr Ryan Rieder – Seminar


Over the weekend I was lucky enough to attend a seminar by one of our business coaches Dr Ryan Rieder. The guest speaker was Dr John Demartini who is a chiropractor turned billionaire, human behaviour specialist and international speaker.

Dr John Demartini

I’ve never heard someone so intelligent speak it was crazy, pearls of wisdom just kept on coming¬†out of his mouth, both on business, finance and personal matters.
Here are some of my favourite take homes from the 3 hours we listened to him for.
  • ‘Be willing to do what other people aren’t prepared to do’
  • ‘Galactic chiropractic- have a global vision’.
  • ‘Live by what you love doing and what inspires you, when your vision is stronger then the voices and opinions from the outside you master life’.
  • ‘Don’t judge yourself from other peoples opinions and values’.
  • ‘Don’t expect other people to live by your values’
  • Be authentically yourself- ‘why be second at being anyone else, when you can be first at being you’.
  • ‘When you start loving people for who they are, they become the people you LOVE’


I am feeling really grateful for the time spent reflecting on ways we can improve and grow the business!