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Testimonials for Our Chiropractic Treatment in Sussex

We regularly ask our patients to provide us with feedback to ensure we are offering the service you expect. Here are the thoughts of some of our most recent patients here at Back 2 Balance.


Previously Veronica had been fit and healthy, never encountering these dreadful pains down the side of her leg.

Her GP had tried to help, a physiotherapist also, but neither course of treatment could take away these dreadful, daily, ‘shooting-type’ pain symptoms she experienced, causing her continual discomfort.

“All I wanted to do was to be in control and do all I could to get better, but it just wasn’t happening”

Veronica wasn’t going to be beaten, travelling even to London, to try and seek a solution, to her continuing pain. She then turned to pursuing other forms of alternative therapies too, until one day…

“I came across Dr Nicholas’ advert in the Argus and thought I would try it.”

“What struck me was that she offered a full examination and she was a SPINAL Doctor.”

Veronica came for her full Examination, had X – Rays too, and received a full Report of Findings from Dr Nicholas. She took up the course of treatment that Dr Nicholas recommended.

“In no time the pain had gone, just after a few visits to Back 2 Balance”…

says Veronica, recollecting her thoughts after her first few treatments with Dr Nicholas, and has never looked back since those dreadful days of being incapacitated, limping and continually in pain and discomfort.

Today, Veronica visits Back 2 Balance Chiropractic Clinic on a less intense treatment plan, for a monthly ‘maintenance’ check-up with Dr Nicholas, to ensure her spine remains strong and healthy, encouraging a far more pain-free future.

Veronica, Brighton.



“After suffering with a long standing back problem as a result of my Rugby playing days, I went to Back 2 Balance hoping they would
help me to improve my golf swing which was very restricted… I was immediately impressed with the facilities and my treatment received from one of the Doctors of Chiropractic.

I’m now moving freely and my Golf has improved as well. I get no more twinges and I get out of bed each morning without any aches and pains.

With regular visits to Back 2 Balance I’m feeling 100% better than I was.”

Mr De Mello, Hove.



“I first came to Back 2 Balance suffering from a trapped nerve in my neck giving me pain into my shoulder and arm. The clinic
gave a good first impression although I must admit I felt a bit dubious about both my treatment and chiropractic, I am now however very pleased.

Initially the treatment had slow effects but soon gained momentum and has now left me with no pain at all. I have also found that
I now have more energy and improved performance at work; I am also sleeping better now I have no back pain in bed.

I have no qualms about using chiropractic over conventional medicine there is no competition; chiropractic wins every time and obtains long lasting benefits.”

Mr Mitchell, Brighton.



“When I first went to Back 2 Balance I had a trapped sciatic nerve that I had been having on and off for some years. The six months prior to my going to Back 2 Balance I was on painkillers everyday. The treatment given to me has been marvellous! Within the first four weeks I was walking without pain.

Back 2 Balance is very professional. The Doctor is competent and a sympathetic chiropractor, he got me back to work. I’m glad I took the advise of my son-in-law to make an appointment with Back 2 Balance.”

T.S. Worthing.



“Eighteen months ago while on holiday in Egypt I had a bad fall as a result I required a hip replacement, unfortunately after the operation, I was left with a dropped foot through a damaged peroneal nerve. I had no control over my foot or leg below my knee and through walking badly and sitting badly because of my hip I had developed back problems.

Before going to Back 2 Balance, I was in terrible pain. I was not sitting or standing straight, walking badly and I was not able to put my full body weight onto my bad leg, but the worst thing was the sciatica.

I now sit and stand straight, I can put much more weight on my right leg, I am more mobile but best of all I am not in terrible pain. I have never experienced any bad side effects, each time I walked out of the clinic it was better than when I went in.

I would certainly recommend chiropractic care.”

Mrs M H, Hailsham.


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