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Your Chiropractic Treatment at Back2Balance in Sussex



You will be asked for details of your previous medical history. There will be plenty of time to for you to explain what is wrong. After taking a thorough case history, our Chiropractor will perform a comprehensive examination and in-depth biomechanical assessments to find out what is wrong and determine if Chiropractic is likely to help. This will last approx 60mins.


These are taken at our Clinic by your qualified Chiropractor if visual information on your spine or joints is needed.


This will be given at your second visit, if X-rays or further tests are needed. We will explain what is wrong, what can or cannot be done and what you should expect. Then the most appropriate treatment plan for your condition will be outlined. By this time all your questions should be answered to your satisfaction. With consent and if applicable, Chiropractic treatment may commence.


Treatment usually involves precise gentle manipulation, called an ‘adjustment’, of the spine or other joints. This is combined with advice patient education.


Acute recent conditions often respond quickly and dramatically. Chronic longstanding problems generally take longer to respond. We can help most, though not all, patients even when other approaches have failed.


If your problem has become chronic (longstanding), or re-occurs frequently, you may benefit from periodic check-ups to maintain improvement – much like regular servicing for your car!


New research has shown Chiropractic plus rehabilitative exercise works best for chronic or frequently recurring problems. We employ evidence-based protocols which have been shown to be very effective for improving muscular strength and spinal stability.

New Chiropractic Patients

All new patients are required, by statutory regulations, to under go a thorough consultation and examination before treatment may commence. This can all be done on the same day in emergency cases, if chiropractic is indicated. This will take about an hour and will usually involve the chiropractor assessing the area(s) involved and preparing various orthopaedic, neurological and chiropractic tests. Patients are provided with gowns to wear when necessary. Any X-rays required will be discussed with the new patient prior to taking them. All patients receive a unique spinal scan at Back 2 Balance, which detects abnormal nerve and muscle functions. This is completely safe and contains no harmful radiation. The whole procedure will last for approx. 60mins.

All examination findings and X-rays will explained to the new patient on their next visit once Back 2 Balance have studied their case in detail, in a comprehensive Report of Findings. After this, the new patient should know what is causing the problem, what the Chiropractic Doctor may be able to do about it and how long it may take to get better.

If Back 2 Balance cannot help, the Chiropractic Doctor will refer the new patient to an appropriate professional or to the patients’ GP.

For Price information, please see our fees page.


As a new patient, we are obliged to ask you to complete some personal details in our registration documents. To speed up this process and to allow you to complete these forms in the comfort of your home, you can download the forms here. Patient download forms.


The Chiropractors here at Back 2 Balance believe it is vital for full function, pain relief and health to exercise. Your Chiropractic Doctor will always give you stretches and exercises to aid your recovery. The latest research indicates that Chiropractic care and exercise when administered together are one of the optimal ways to treat back pain.

The British Chiropractic Association, in conjunction with ‘StraightenUp UK’ tm has produced exercises, encouraging good posture.


Not enough time to go walking or swimming – then consider our chiropractic exercises!

Download the following PDFs to get you started:

Please remember to always check with your Doctor of Chiropractic BEFORE undertaking new exercise routines.

Mel takes the time to explain what the likely problem is and the impact this has, whilst going through her investigations. The treatment is generally quite painless and the results are outstanding.

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